W  E  D  D  I  N  G   &   D  E  B  U  T   m  e  n  u  s

I know weddings.

I’m a mother to two grooms and proud ninang to over a hundred fifty couples and still counting.

If there is one thing I’ve learned after all those ceremonies and receptions, it’s that no matter how things change, some things will always remain the same.

That is, despite new trends - digital photography, garden receptions etc - couples still have always sought the same things - a meaningful exchange of vows and an equally memorable reception.

Let me share with you a secret - the best wedding parties I’ve been to were never those that relied on dazzling in-laws and guests with all the pomp and pageantry that money could buy.

Really, the best weddings - whether held in a tiny chapel, a Spanish cathedral, a backyard garden or a grand ballroom - simply made sure that guests were real participants - not just observers - who enjoyed every minute of the celebration as much as the couple themselves.

Which brings me to food and our small company - which we consider among the best in the field.  Because after all has been said and done, after you’ve hired the best photographers, picked the perfect gown, and reserved the most elegant of venues, newlyweds would want to make sure that their wedding feast isn’t best remembered for the torch parade, the tiffany chairs or the ice-carved centerpiece.  Your guests wouldn’t be bringing those home - only fond memories ... and satisfied appetites.

Memories, well, only you can provide memories - the sort that everyone will cherish long after your wedding day.

Z H E N b u f f e t

You can't possibly go wrong with this buffet featuring familiar and
well-loved Oriental cuisine!

A R I A b u f f e t

Some of the items from back in the day when you were still dating.

T A L A b u f f e t

The whole town is invited to your wedding! Have a fiesta atmosphere
with the most well-loved Filipino dishes!

J A N E b u f f e t

One of our most popular Continental menus! Simply because we do the
best Roast Beef and Callos in town.  Enough said.

L A E T Y b u f f e t

It doesn't get any grander than this! With steak and prawns fresh off the
grill, your guests will be overwhelmed!

Y O K O b u f f e t

Feeling Japanese? Try this superb sampling of Far Eastern cuisine. We only use the best tenderloin and prawns for our teppanyaki and tempura.

A N N E b r e a k f a s t b u f f e t

What better way to start your new life together than to celebrate
right at the start of a new day?

M A R I A b r e a k f a s t b u f f e t

In our hands, even the humble silog and lugaw are stars! 

A M E N I T I E S a n d t e r m s

We do more than serve food - we create events! From flowers to decor,
our staff will help you realize your perfect day!

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